Increase Credit Score With Tradelines

If you need to increase your credit score fast for a new home loan, car loan or any other type loan , it is definitely in your best interest to find tradelines for sale, more specifically seasoned primary accounts. You need to verify they are seasoned primary files and not just authorized user files.
Since the arrival of the new FICO scoring act of 2008, authorized user files are no longer being used in calculating credit scores like they were before. A seasoned primary account is one that is over 2 years old and has a top tier credit past. The amazing thing about tradelines is that it can save an individual with poor credit hundreds or thousands of dollars in loan premiums.

The way it works is really quite easy to understand. You pay a fee to use someone’s account that has already built up a top notch credit history on the account. You registered on the account as a joint account user right before the tradeline is closed down. The previous account primary is transferred off the account and you become the primary account holder and assume all of the excellent payment track record. It then appears on your credit report, typically within 10-25days. This process is completely legal because federal law allows adding users to your accounts and does not prevent the rental or sale of user profiles. Mortgage brokers, real estate agents ,and lawyers have been using this technique for many years to provide their clients with great rates and smaller payments.

The total number of trade lines you buy will impact the overall increase in your credit score. Most times buying one trade line will increase your score 45-50points. If you require a larger  boost you can just buy more accounts. There are retailers that provide up to 4 accounts that you can buy which will give you an overall  increase of 220-250 points in your credit score. This is very advantageous for an individual who has a fico score that is in the 600’s and needs to rapidly get to that almighty 820 to get the best interest rates.

Of course buying seasoned tradelines can be very expensive when it comes to up front expenses. The average price for one primary account is in the ballpark of $1200. That may seem very expensive but is well worth the cost since increasing your score by even 50 points can make the difference of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars less in loan payments over the long term.If you are interested in purchasing seasoned tradelines or would like more information please visit www.creditwealthexpress.com.

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